Below is a selection of meeting presentations that were made available for distribution.


03/16/17  "Bridging the Gap: Establishing a working relationship with anesthesiology" Kathy McMullen MPH, CIC, FAPIC SLIDES

08/18/16 "Zika virus infection: what medical practitioners need to know" George Turabelidze, MD, PhD SLIDES

06/16/16  “Healthcare Textiles: An Underappreciated Risk of Contamination and Infection” Jo Micek, RN, CIC SLIDES

04/21/16 "Truly Getting to Zero" Dr. Bierman Slides

10/15/15 “CBIC and the CIC Credientials” Christine Zirges RN, ACNS-BC, CIC SSM Health Infection Prevention SLIDES

10/15/15 “Cleaning and Disinfection: It’s More Than Just Spray & Wipe!” Nicole Kenney BSc Assoc Chem

Senior Director, Professional and Technical Services Virox Technologies, Inc. SLIDES

 4/16/15 "Infection Control Guidelines in Cystic Fibrosis" Blakeslee Noyes, MD Cardinal Glennon Hospital.  Part 1    Part 2

10/16/14 Abstract Writing: You Can Do This!! Kate Gase, MPH, CIC, BJC HealthCare,